Our Story

Southern Baptist ministry in Richmond has its beginning in the vision of Oklahoman born Austin C. Hunt, area missionary in Canada from the Northwest Baptist Convention. He came to Canada in 1960 and was supported by William Fleming of Texas.


Following extensive survey visitation which found very few churches Austin Hunt enlisted a church in Vancouver on June 5, 1960 to sponsor a "mission to the city of Richmond." Services were held in Thomas Kidd Elementary School for 2 years. This all began because of a Vacation Bible School in August of 1960 that had over 50 children involved. It was first called Richlu Baptist Church. This was a combination of the names for the city of Richmond and Lulu Island. Richmond is an island city.


Late in 1960, a 2 acres piece of land was purchased for $11,000. This land was largely undeveloped. It was adjoined on the west by a large field containing a radio station transmitter with two large steel towers. This landmark inspired the name Towers Baptist Church and the new name was adopted in 1963. In the 1970's the towers were replaced by Matthew McNair Senior Secondary School, a firehouse, a public park and new homes.


The mission lost the use of Thomas Kidd Elementary in the mid 1962 and began to meet in various locations. It then began to meet in Pastor Hunts home and then a 2500 square foot building was erected in February 1963 with a dedication service being held in June 1963.


The church was constituted on October 1,1967 with 22 charter members. Towers Baptist Church quickly sponsored another church in Vancouver and has consistently been a part of church planting, missions giving and the cooperative program.

Currently, Towers is in the process of planting a new church in the No. 3 Road corridor of Central Richmond.