How will we accomplish our vision?

The key to accomplishing this vision lies in two key areas: Relationships and Time. Jesus Christ spent time developing all of the relationships in His life. If you read through the Gospels, the life of Jesus, he spent time in His relationship with the Father; with His disciples and with the world. This means that as a Jesus follower we must spend time loving God and making disciples while engaging lostness. See below for more detailed information.

Developing each "AREA" of our Mission

(Love God and make disciples while engaging lostness)

a - Abide

This is about God time. If you spent 1% of your day with God that would be at least 15 minutes a day. This is a great starting point to begin daily to deepen your relationship with God.

R - Relate

This is about Gather time and Group time. This is about relation-ships with other believers. If you spent 1% of your week in an online gathering that would be about 1.5 hours worshipping with others. If you spent 1% of your month in a group Bible study that would be about 1.5 hours a week in discipleship.

e - engage

This is Go time. This is all about engaging lostness with the Gospel. This begins with prayer. We are beginning to engage people and our city through prayer. If you spent 1% of your time each week praying for a lost one and prayer walking in our city you would spend about 7 hours a month engaging lostness.

a - adopt

This is also Go time. Through engaging through prayer and evangelism we will learn about people and areas we can adopt to serve. If you did this for 2% of your year you would be serving for about 7 days out of an entire year.