How will we accomplish our vision?

Three key words: Time, Relationships, Simplicity.

We want to provide you with simple, memorable, reproducible ways that help you grow in all "areas" of your life as a Jesus follower. We do not want it to be a burden. We want to help you grow.

The Power of One principle is about taking just 1 aspect, 1 piece, 1 moment of all AREAS of your Christian life and growing it.

See below about how you can develop all AREAS in a simple, memorable, and reproducible way.


This is about time with other people in a growth group. This is about time spent in a one on one relationship. This about large group worship. It is important to be present and on time each Sunday. This is time with your ONE's. This is time spent in prayer discipleship.

1 hour gathered in weekly worship

1 hour every two weeks in a growth group

1 hour every month in one on one relationships

1 moment daily in prayer discipleship

Click Here to learn about PRAYER DISCIPLESHIP


We must be spending time in Gospel causes and purposes that are leading to Gospel conversations.

Outreaches. Street Evangelism. Community Involvement. Random Acts of Kindness. Mercy and Compassion. Going Door to Door. Mission Trips.

How do we engage our community, our city and our country?

1 Sunday on a prayer walk

1 week day engaging the community and city

1 mission trip locally or globally


Adopt means to be placed or to assign. Who or what can you place before the Lord?

Adopt or invest in your kids school; a church planter; an organization; a cause that is worth it; your neighbourhood; the server or barista or employee that always helps you.

Who is in your circle of influence? Find out where God is working and join in.

1 Person

1 Place

1 Platform

1 Possibility


Do you know how God has shaped you to serve Him and His church?

What is your SHAPE?

S-Spiritual Gifts





Everyone can be serving in 1 ministry, BIG or small

Making coffee to greeting to teaching to leading. We need you!