We define a disciple as a person who is daily growing in their relationship with God and in their relationship with other people. We have been commanded by Jesus Christ to make disciples. We do this as we go and as we live our lives daily. Our hope is that you can be involved in at least one of the platforms for discipleship listed below.


    This is an opportunity for a new believer to spend some quality time over coffee, tea or dinner and talk about their new life in Jesus Christ. You can learn how to study the Bible. You can learn about baptism. You can learn why it is now important to go and tell your story. If you are interested in being in a one on one discipleship relationship please email nextsteps@towersbaptistchurch.org


    The Word of God should be studied, meditated on, memorized and shared. In our Bible studies we go verse by verse, chapter by chapter, story by story and deeply learn about the Word of God. There are Bible studies for all ages on Sunday mornings, adults on Sunday afternoons, senior adults on Wednesdays and high school through young adult on alternating Friday's and Saturday's.


    A part of our vision is to be a church for our city. We desire to have groups of people in various neighbourhoods meeting together for a meal, outreach and Bible study. Our hope is that these groups will multiply and develop into church planting core groups for the neighbourhood in which they are located. There are currently two groups meeting. Our City Centre group meets every Monday. Our Steveston group meets every other Wednesday.


    Different trainings in the areas of coaching, church planting, missions, evangelism and worship will be offered through various times of the year.

    Click HERE for coming training events.