Proverbs reading challenge

Read a Proverbs every day beginning on October 1 and check back here daily for a prayer guide for the church through scripture. Let's pray these together as a church. Scroll all the way down.

How to pray Proverbs chapter by chapter or one verse at a time: Begin by praying and asking God for wisdom and guidance as you study Proverbs. You may want to pray Ephesians 1:17-19 as you begin. Take a small portion, verse or chapter of Proverbs.

  • Read it slowly and take time to quietly meditate on it. Don’t hurry but be still.
  • Have a journal or diary and write down any insights God gives you regarding those verses. You may want to start a Proverbs Journal.
  • If you are studying a chapter of Proverbs, take a sheet of paper and make a list of “Benefits of the Wise” on one side and a list of “Disadvantages of the Wicked” on the other side.
  • Have another sheet of paper with a list of “Wise Advise from God” for those verses that do not go into the other two categories.
  • On the second half of this sheet write “My Prayer for Wisdom” and write out a prayer, thanking God for what you learned from the chapter and asking for His help for wise and righteous living. 
  • Pray the Proverb back to God asking for His help to obey and refrain from the ways of the wicked.
  • Thank Him for showing you His wisdom through these verses, and ask Him to remind you during the day to obey His wisdom. Be specific.
  • Memorize a proverb every few days and meditate on it during the day, saying little “breath prayers” to God. For example:

    “Lord, teach me to walk in truth and mercy this week.”
    “I commit my work to You now. I want my way to please You.”
    “Show me how to bless my family through the words I speak.”
    “I ask for wisdom and understanding as I do my homework.”
    “Teach me to walk in the fear of the Lord today.”

october 22

Read Proverbs 22 and pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We continue to adore and worship you for your faithfulness, love and wisdom. Thank you for the wisdom that you give us. 

As we look at the teaching of this proverb today, help us be wise in these ways:

Integrity, humility, parenting, generosity, faithful, discipline, honour, and service.

Help us Father. We need you. Help us seek you for wisdom and for revival.

In Jesus name