mission and values

Our ultimate desire is the following:

To be a church for all people

Jesus' lifestyle demonstrated that He was for all people. As you read the Gospels you see how Jesus was for the leper, the adulterous woman. He desired all to know the love of His Father. We want everyone, no matter their past, belief, ideology, social status, etc to know the love of the Father through the person of Jesus!

To be a church for our city

Jesus' lifestyle showed that He was constantly moving from place to place, city to city proclaiming the Kingdom of God. He wept over the city of Jerusalem, not because that is where He would die, but because the people of that city had turned their back on Him. He wanted them to turn back to God. We want our city to know God!

To be a church for the Kingdom of God

Jesus' lifestyle proved to us that He was all about the Kingdom of God. He wasn't about building an institution or an organization or even a religion. He proclaimed the message of the Kingdom. He desired that everything that is happening in Heaven, would happen on earth. We want the whole word to experience God!

We believe that our mission to achieving this vision is to:

Love God and make disciples while engaging lostness

As we live out these values, we believe that we can accomplish our vision and mission:

God Dependence, Gospel, Gratitude, Generosity, Going, Generations, Gifts